Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm is a general term used for all types of species of wood boring beetles. These beetles lay eggs which turn to larvae which feed on the wood. These larvae can cause all sort of damage before leaving as a beetle. This leaves a hole in the wood which normally alerts householders. As a result their life cycle is close to its end by the time anyone becomes aware of the problem. An assessment needs to be made as to whether this cycle is likely to continue or if the woodworm problem is historic and no longer an active problem.

The woodworm beetle lay her eggs within cracks in the timber. The eggs hatch and the larvae create tunnels as they feed on the wood. When they reach maturity they turn into beetles leaving the recognisable woodworm holes.

The different species found in this country have similar life cycles but vary in the time it takes become a beetle. This happens between May and October when beetles can be seen emerging from roof and floor timbers.

The way we deal with this problem will vary depending on the type of woodworm it is and the type of wood and the moisture content of that wood. It’s important that the problem is professionally assessed to identify the type of beetle is causing the problem.

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